Heart Valve Surgery

Heart Valve Surgery

Surgery to repair or replace heart valves is performed to restore normal blood flow to, through and from the heart. Depending upon diagnosis and other factors, this surgery can be performed as a minimally invasive or as an open surgical procedure. Some conditions that can indicate the need for heart valve repair or replacement include:

Heart Valve Repair or Replacement

Depending upon the condition of your heart valve, your surgeon may elect to repair it or replace it. The heart valves involved in these procedures include:

Heart Valve Repair

If the condition of your heart valve is such that repair it appropriate, a surgeon can repair it by using several techniques:

Heart Valve Replacement

If the heart valve is seriously damaged, your surgeon will remove it and replace it. The main types of new replacement valves include:

Minimally Invasive and Open Surgical Approaches

Depending upon your condition and other factors, your surgeon can elect to perform your heart valve repair or replacement as either an open or minimally invasive procedure. In both cases, you will need to be placed on a heart-lung by-pass machine during the surgery to do the work of your heart while it is stopped.

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